Friday, September 20, 2013

Preparing to Increase the Herd

After Doyle and I saw an spent time with the horses we knew this was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. As I said before I believed it was "God's gift" to me. Doyle agreed! I had told you that we had been talking about buying more horses. Doyle had even talked to the lady we rent our pasture and barn from to let her know what we were thinking. She gave us permission to use another barn on the property that was not connected to the pasture we have now and said we could alter it however we needed to. We came home from seeing the horses and went right to work.

We had plenty to do. The barn hadn't been used in quite some time and the last it was used it wasn't for horses. There was a lot of cleaning up and throwing away as well as making some modifications to the barn to satisfy what we needed.
There are two stalls in this barn. It appears that no one had cleaned the stalls....ever! What you see is all poop....that has disintegrated into poop dust!

I don't know why I always tackle the hardest jobs! While Doyle was measuring and cutting a door way into the barn from the pasture we were using I shoveled poop...for days! Every afternoon until dark with several breaks! It was in the shade but in the mid 90's!

Maybe this picture will give you a little better perspective of how deep the poop was! In some places it was packed like concrete! I don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life! It's amazing what motivation will do for you!

All better now!

Isn't this nice?! It's the nicest I've ever had!

Doyle cutting an opening into the barn from the other side creating a breeze way.

Here is a wider view. To the left of the barn in the forefront you can see the other barn in the distance where I am currently feeding Clyde.  We have lots of weeds to cut down too!

Here's a look from the other side. Sorry about all the stuff in the way. The green gate is to keep Clyde out until we are finished. The red round thing is a large round bale feeder. Doyle has taken it apart and moved it.

There are still several little things Doyle wants to do but they can be done any time. We are basically ready for our new additions. We would have gotten them sooner except I am working at the store because it's retreat weekend.

Until next time...have a good one!


  1. Oh my goodness! What I job you had. I could never have done it! No wonder you were so tired at the class Tuesday night! But it looks fabulous now!