Saturday, September 21, 2013

Out of My Element

I actually found a little time to craft although may I emphasis "little". Doyle and I have been working hard on preparing for the new horses that I've either not had time or was too tired when I did!

I don't take classes very often only because they usually fall on the Saturday's I don't work at the store and even though I really enjoy being at the store I do need some time at home. There was a class last Tuesday on Mixed Media with Jen Star. Three classes were offered that day. I really don't know anything about mixed media but the title and description of the class caught my attention. The class was "Memory Journaling". I like to journal and I like to craft so I thought "why not". I was soooo out of my element! I think I like it. It's just so different from anything I have ever done. It didn't help that I had been working at the barn all afternoon and had quit in time to come home to shower than dash off to class. I hadn't felt very good that day and I was physically tired. Not a good combination. I came home early and didn't finish the class. I worked on it some more today while working at the store. I have more to do but I'm liking it a bit better.

At first I wasn't sure what I would use it for then I thought I could use it as a book filled with "truths" that God reveals to me. The scripture from John 8:32 "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free" is on the purple corrugated paper.

This is the spine. I used a stencil and some paint for this textured look.

The I also designed to participate in the store's Designer of the Month Contest. I didn't participate at first because I didn't think I was eligible since I was an employee. Then I found out I could. I picked up my kit right before I learned that I was going to get three horses.

I was supposed to make a two page layout, card and another project with the contents in the kit. I managed to get a 2 page layout done but that was all before the deadline came and went!

Close up of the left page of the layout. My first outing in our boat with Doyle, Vanessa, Kashton, Kennedy and my dog Kaidence.

close up of right side of layout.

I am entering both projects in Cat's Creations WOW Wednesday. Leave me a comment for a chance to win a wonderful prize. A random commenter is chosen. Check of the other blogs who link up. I assure you that you will always find inspiration!

In my "spare time" (LOL!) Doyle and I kept Kashton Friday night. Vanessa had to coach the cheer squad at the football game and it had been raining all day. It was cool and damp and she didn't want him out in it. Doyle had him when I got home, feeding him. He slept long enough for me to cook dinner.

After he woke up he wanted to play. He was very intrigued by this puzzle.

He may not can put the pieces in the right place but he sure knows how to chew them!

I think someone is happy and spoiled!

Have a good one!


  1. Love your finished Art Journal cover! I'll admit I feel out of my comfort zone with it as well but I like it. I'm using mine for quotes and sayings rather than photos though. I now have two books as I had already started one though haven't done many pages. It is a messy craft so I don't want to work on it unless I have a lot of time for it and have nothing else that needs crafted like cards. Love your layouts too. Sorry that you didn't get to do the whole challenge but understand why since you've been so busy getting ready for your new horses. I wonder what the outcome of the challenge was over the weekend. Maybe Cat will post soon if there were enough that turned in their projects. Cute photos of the little guy and yes, that is one spoiled pup!

    1. Thanks Sandy! It is a very messy craft indeed! Congratulations on being chosen as Designer of the Month!

  2. Wonderful job Valerie! I like that you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone too! I think its turning out wonderfully! I always love how neat and calm your layouts are too!

  3. Love your art journal and how you plan to use it.. Your layout is wonderful and it was a lot to create, especially with your schedule. Kashton is so cute and is growing up too fast!