Sunday, August 25, 2013


The kids have been staying in the Peanut Palace for the last 3 weeks due to a flea infestation at their house. Needless to say with them being in close proximity I have seen them a lot! Can't say that I blame them when all they have to do is walk across the backyard to my house! The day I adopted Gracie, I fixed dinner for Vanessa and the girls after I got home from work. Keannon had been gone to school to become an insurance adjuster. The girls wanted to help me in the kitchen so I put them to work.

I had one tearing up Romaine lettuce and the other spinach leaves. The really did a pretty good job although Kennedy got tired of doing sooner than Remi.

Vanessa was trying to talk on the phone to someone and she brought Kashton to me. Hmmm, now how am I supposed to cook and hold a baby?! Get sister to hold him for just a second while you need two hands then take him back!

Remi with Kashton. She absolutely LOVES him! She is always wanting to hold him. It's just precious! She has a little brother that lives with her now. Colt Matthew was born while Remi was here her first 3 week visit this summer.
I think Gracie has definitely claimed the couch as her own!

Have a good one!


  1. Busy, busy. I don't see how you cooked with three little ones in that kitchen! But looks like fun. Glad Gracie is settling in so well!

    1. well at least what I was fixing was easy. A meal kit. All I had to do was open a bag and put it in the skillet. The salad was harder to fix!