Monday, August 26, 2013

Day of Goodness

What a wonderful day I've had spending it with a friend eating, shopping, scrapbooking and laughing! Laughter does a heart good like a medicine! We did our share today!

Three weeks ago Cassandra and I got together to craft for the afternoon. We decided right then that an afternoon just wasn't enough so we looked at calendars and scheduled another crafting date that day. You know how it is when you say "we should get together sometime" and "sometime" never happens because you didn't set a date!

Our crafting date was Saturday. She came around 9:30AM. We text back and forth the night before setting a time and discussing breakfast. She wanted to make breakfast at my house! Sounded like a deal to me! She had a Martha Stewart pancake recipe she wanted to try. I was game! She made pancakes and I cooked the sausage. It was yummy! After breakfast she asked how I felt about going to Cat's Creations. Heck I am always game to go to the store! However as I begin to pick up a few items I realize I don't have money with me to buy anything. Enter Cassandra to the rescue! She offers to help me out!

We get back to the house to get crafty!
Gracie tries very hard to not let me out of her sight and the others wouldn't be left out so it made for cramped quarters in my craft room!

During the afternoon a couple of storms blew up near enough to us we could hear thunder. The animal shelter had warned me that Gracie was very afraid of storms or rain. Must be a "Dane" thing as Mercy didn't like them either!

It wasn't long Gracie was under my desk right under my feet! So glad Doyle had raised it so I could stand to craft!

Lil' Man came over for a visit. Mommy needed a break and Daddy had taken the girls to bowl. Cassandra was so sweet to hold him and then...

put him to sleep!

Hubby was so sweet to me. He not only bought lunch for us but then he cooked on the grill that night! This picture isn't real good because I took it through my window in my craft room.

While dinner was cooking, Cassandra went with me to feed Clyde. We got to see a beautiful sunset.

Out of the entire day I only managed to get 3 cards made! This is one of the 3. Because I plan to enter the other two cards in challenges I will post a separate blog. I did put some completed pages in scrapbooks.

I made this card using a Phyllis Harris stamp by Unity. I colored it with Copic Markers. I chose not to put a sentiment on the front.

There was really too much going on for me to get much done. The girls were at the house a couple of times and wanted to hangout with us in the craft room. That is ok but it always seems that their crafting requires my assisatance! My friend Cassandra however was very productive! This girl has it going on! Not only is she creative, she's good with kids, dogs AND she can cook! I think I'll keep her around!

Have a good one!


  1. Valerie! I'm tickled pink by your post. I love how gracefully you worded it too. I got to laughing at mine later because it seemed like there was so much going on, and it was so busy! But it was, and I wouldn't have had it any other way that day. What a joy it was to be around your family and the buzz and hum of your house that day. I have thanked God for it many times now, and will probably continue to do so! It was simply a day to enjoy and that we did. Looking forward to our next adventures :)

    1. I laughed all the way through your blog post! Your's really told the story better! It was craziness. The fact that I kept from losing my cool that day is well...simply amazing and only the grace of God! Hopefully next time you come it won't be quite so crazy!

  2. Doyle's food was amazing too! I was so heartbroken because when I got home that night I had realized I had forgotten the rest of my corn, and the 1/16th of the potato I didn't finish, and the 1/16th of the steak I hadn't finished too. It was so delicious!

    1. Ya, I noticed that too yesterday! We were both shocked by how late it was and you were hurrying to get out the door! I'm sure there will be more leftovers to take home another day :)

  3. Sounds like a fun day! Three cards is a good accomplishment with so much going on and that is a crowd there on your crafty room floor. LOL

  4. Thanks Sandy! I feel a bit better. You think it was a crowd with the dogs. How about adding to little girls and their crafting totes! It was a zoo! It's amazing I got ANYTHING done!