Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crafting with a Friend

Scrapbooking, cardmaking, or any type of crafting is fun but it is even more fun when you can do it with a friend who enjoys it too! Since I started scrapbooking I have acquired many new and wonderful friends! I acquired another one just a few weeks ago. We had met through the store then began to communicate through blogs and Facebook. I don't recall exactly how it got started but our conversation ended with making a date to come craft at my house! I was so excited!

Tuesday was our day. We made plans to meet at my house around 1pm. I thought that would give me time to get home and get a table setup for her before she arrived. Well, I was a little later leaving the office than I intended and she pulled up in front of my house just as I got home! No problem! That just meant we could start sooner! All's good!

Based on a extremely sweet status update she put on her facebook wall she enjoyed the afternoon as much as I did! We spent time getting better acquainted sharing some of our history with one another. We shared funny moments and some somber moments. Most of all we created! I think I must have talked more than she did as she completed 7 page layouts while I only manage 2! It really wasn't so much about the layouts anyway!

Meet Cassandra! Beautiful name for a beautiful young talented woman! Here's her page in progress. She also makes beautiful cards. You can see more of her work here.
Here is the layout I did.
Cassandra gave me the idea for putting the letters for the title on the twine and tying a bow. Thanks for the great tip Cassandra! If these pictures look familiar its because they are! I've blogged about them and scrapbooked them once before. Remember I am making pages for Remi to have a book too. I absolutely LOVE the Carta Bella Giddy Up collection. This is the girl line. This was Remi's first ride.

Here's a closer look of the left side.
A closer look of the right side.
The girls look so tiny on that big ole' horse! They had so much fun that day they were singing as I was leading Clyde. They were singing "itsy bitsy spider"! 
If you'd like to watch and listen to the video you can do that here.

Look who joined us in my craft room.
She's got her little crafting apron on too!

I'm going to link my layout to Cat's Creations for WOW Wednesday. Leave me a comment for a chance to win a yummy crafting prize! Go check out Cassandra and others who link up to WOW Wednesday. I promise you will be inspired! Better yet, why don't you link up your craft project and inspire all of us!

Cassandra and I had such a good time that we scheduled another "playdate" that hopefully will give us more time to be creative and enjoy one another's company!

Have a good one!


  1. Such fun to scrapbook with a friend! I'd invite others to scrap with me but there's only room in my crafty room for me! But it does sound fun! I love your layout and the title on the twine is a fabulous idea! Love your little artist there in the last photo! :)

    1. We should make a date as I have room! Look at your calendar and get back with me! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Valerie, this was so touching! I can't begin to even put into words just exactly how much I enjoyed our first scrap, and our second impromptu one yesterday. It feels good to laugh and share happy moments with someone as special as you. Even more, I'm starting to hear my mother's laugh in mine, and being with such a great friend has truly taught me to laugh more. Thank you so much! Looking forward to our next adventure!! Love you bunches, you're an incredible woman!

    1. What a sweet thing to say! I am so glad that you are laughing again! Means healing is taking place! I might ad you are an incredible woman yourself! Love you too and can't wait until we create together again!

  3. LOVE this layout and that you and Cassandra spent the afternoon together. Good times!

    1. :) I have truly made some wonderful friends through scrapping