Friday, August 16, 2013

A Little Farther in the Process

The kids had court on Monday in Arkansas for the contempt charges they filed against Remi's mother. Like before I went with them to help care for Kashton. We left church between worship and preaching. It's a 6hr drive without any stops. We stayed in a quaint hotel in the same town as court. We noticed it the last time we were there. It made for a much less stressful morning before court.
After being in the car all afternoon I was ready to walk around and explore a bit.
Each room and one or two rocking chairs. I loved it.
This chair is so inviting to me! I did sit for a minute but it was really hot and I had places I wanted to explore!
This old abandoned building was just interesting to me. Especially with the storm clouds in the background.
A church I passed on my walk.
I walked by a think tree line and found some birds. 
I am not a "bird watcher" but I have friends who are. I think these are both female cardinals. Anyone who knows for sure please correct me if I'm wrong.

We hadn't eaten yet when I went for my stroll so I didn't stay gone long. When I returned back to the hotel the kids were sitting on the porch in the rocking chairs.
Daddy and Kashton just chillin'!
Mommy bought Kashton some new toys to play with.
Court started at 10am on Monday. There were several cases on the docket. We ended up being last because the Judge knew it would take some time. I ended up holding Kashton nearly all day! He did sleep a lot of it.
Aren't those the most beautiful eyelashes!
Me and Lil' Man!
It was a long day. We didn't get what we wanted but I do believe that God answered prayer. There was much prayer over this day. Our church prayed, my Bible study group prayed, the kids and I prayed the night before and right before we went inside. Then I continued to pray throughout the day while I waited in the hall with Kashton. Our prayer was for God's best for Remi. We believe that even though we didn't get some of the things we wanted God is about doing what is best for Remi.
The Judge did not find Remi's mother in contempt. I am still shaking my head over that one but am trusting that God was just extending her grace.
We got to bring Remi home with us although we had to wait until 7pm to pick her up and then drive home. That made for a late night. She will be with us for 3 weeks. Visitation was changed which we had anticipated. Instead of every 3 weeks we will get her for 2weeks ever other month. Although it's not as much visitation, as long as she lives in California it will be easier for all concerned with travel costs. If I understood correctly Keannon will be responsible for getting Remi but her mother is responsible for getting her back home. Remi's mother had also enrolled Remi in Pre-K to prevent us from getting visitation. The Judge said he would not recognize any school other than what was mandatory. That will give us about a year which we are grateful for. 
She was very excited about seeing little brother again so soon. She was also excited to see all of us! See the little white line under her bottom lip? We had stopped so Vanessa could feed Kashton. We used the stop to stretch our legs and use the restroom. While in the store, I asked Remi if she wanted anything and she picked white powdered donuts!

Mommy decided to have a little fun with Kashton by putting Daddy's tie on him.

You're a little young for that buddy!

We didn't tell Kennedy that we were bringing Remi home. It was 2am when we finally got home. The kids stayed in the Peanut Palace so they could be close when Kennedy woke up. When she was awake they sent Remi over. The look on Kennedy's face was priceless!

The girls came over Tuesday night and I cooked dinner then we played in my craft room! 
That catches you up for now. I need to get packing for a mini retreat to Mitchell Park to observe the 9th anniversary of Cat's Creations!

Have a good one!


  1. Love your exploration photos and wow! That was a LONG day! Get to packing! I'll see you at the retreat!!