Friday, August 30, 2013


I decided to make another card for the Cards in Envy: For the Birds Challenge using Cards in Envy sketch#10.

I know, I know, very few of us want to even think about Christmas but when you're a crafter you need too! I don't have many bird stamps and the ones I do are Christmas themed. I figured it never hurts to make a Christmas card early. The papers I used are from American Crafts. The stamp is an ittybitty by Unity called Silhouette Song Bird. I embosssed the image using Versamark and white embossing powder. I wasn't happy with my first attempt at embossing so I did it again.  I decided to not let the imperfect one go to waste and cut out the bird and the word "JOY" and popped with foam tape.

I am so looking forward to a 3 day weekend! It's supposed to be oppressively hot so it sounds like it will be good crafting weather for me!

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Week Post Adoption

It's been a week ago today that we adopted Gracie. I took her to the vet on Monday for a "wellness examine". She weighed in at a whopping 83lbs. She should weigh around 125 or 130. The vet did confirm for me that she is a young dog even though she has gray hairs on her muzzle and face. She said that stress can cause premature aging and we know she was neglected. Here she's chillin in my craft room. She wants to be where I am.

I introduced her to some horses at the clinic.

Sunday evening I took the dogs to the Cemetery. You can read about part of the adventure here. What I didn't write about was an incident that happened with Gracie that shook me up. She had been sniffing and exploring with the other dogs. She would get ahead of me then turn around and come back towards me to make sure I was close by. She evidently got more comfortable with this new found freedom as she got about 15 or 20 foot ahead of me. It was dusk. The sun had set but it was still light enough to see. I saw her stop and look toward my left at something. I turned to look just in time to see a skunk. Before I could turn my head back toward Gracie to call her off she bolted at a dead run, pounced on the skunk and killed it all in less than 30 seconds. I was screaming at her to stop to no avail. I literally saw the skunk expel his scent into the air as Gracie shook it like a rag doll. She drops the skunk and comes toward me. I see blood in her mouth and think she's been bit but further examination revealed that not to be true. I was appalled at what I just witnessed. I then put the leash back on her the rest of the walk. Thankfully she only got a glancing blow of skunk scent but enough I still had to bath her. In all the years I've had dogs and taken them on adventures I have never had one get skunked...until now! Here is a link should you ever need it."How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell in Pets.".

Doyle really likes her but I think he's a bit bummed that she wants to be with me. I told him she'd come around once she figures out I'm not home as much as he is!

We have discovered she likes to sleep on her back!

Wednesday, I had my second traumatic experience with Gracie. I was in the backyard with the dogs. Letting them take care of business and play. I was throwing the frisbee for Kaidence while Gracie and Kajen were playing.

Gracie came to me for attention as Kaidence was bringing me her Frisbee. It appeared that Gracie was trying to get Kaidence to play with her when Kaidence growled and nipped at Gracie who in turn retaliated. I grabbed Gracie's collar to pull her off Kaidence while at the same time kicking Kaidence with my foot to disengage them. I am yelling at them both. I realized I was in a very dangerous position but believed that if I didn't intervene Gracie would have severely injured Kaidence if not killed her. It was all I could do not to freak out! It scared me so bad I was trembling. Once apart I put Gracie in the house to check Kaidence for wounds.

At first I thought this was the only wound then I discovered there was another on the opposite side of her head just in front of her right ear.

Gracie literally had Kaidence's head in her mouth! Although these may not look bad visually, I am keeping and eye on them as well as washing and putting antibiotic ointment on the wounds. Punctures can be more severe under the skin.

Doyle was at work and I had church so I separated the dogs for my own peace of mind.

The more I think about what happened, I think I was the common denominator. Kaidence is very jealous and protective of me. She is an Alpha dog...but I think Gracie maybe too!  One thing for sure We will be much more cautious around her until we get a much better feel for her behavior. I still believe she will fit long as Kaidence can make the adjustment.

After all that excitement I let the girls spend the night. Remi goes home Monday. They kept asking if they could. I wasn't sure if I would have another chance before Remi went home so I let them.
The girls are picking out books for me to read to them before bed. Gracie wants to be in on the action.

She really does exhibit a sweet nature. I am believing things will work out in time.

Have a good one!

Summer Afternoon Fun

Nothing brings me greater pleasure than sharing my interests with Remi and Kennedy. I think I may be creating little crafters and horse enthusiasts! Remi has already asked her mom about a horse! Guess I really have made an impression! Remi is also the one who asked specifically to go riding. It has been so hot I was trying to find a day when we could do it early in the morning when on Tuesday we got a break from the least enough I didn't mind taking them riding. We had cloud cover all morning and into early afternoon keeping temperatures in the low 90's with a good breeze. Vanessa is coaching the cheerleaders at our local private school (where she attend K-8th grade). She had cheer practice that afternoon so we made arrangements to bring the girls to me during that time.

I rode like this all the time as a kid because I couldn't put a saddle on a horse. I'd take a bucket with a handful of feed. Catch the horse, then turn the bucket upside down to help me get on then would ride the horse back to the barn or wherever I was riding. I have no idea why Kennedy has on a hooded sweatshirt! It wasn't long before she was ready to take it off!

Kennedy didn't like walking through the weeds so she decided she wanted to ride behind Remi.

I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture (you can click on the photo to see a larger view and you probably can) but Remi is holding flowers we picked that she saw while riding.

The camera didn't see what the girls were seeing because I was on the ground but you could see the Eastern side of the city from this little knoll. Remi said "I can see the world from here." I just love the perspective of a child!

It was only fair to switch so Kennedy could ride up front. She was mostly interested in riding to the little playground behind St. Mark's Lutheran Church.

See our transportation in the background tied to a tree?

Kennedy taking her turn at the slide.

Remi figured out it was fun to twist this and spin around!

Neither one of the girls knew what this was or had ridden on one!

Remi's hair kept getting in her face. I told her she looked like the "Thing". She didn't have a clue what I was talking about!

The pasture was getting mowed while we were riding. The weeds were really tall in places!

Mommy pulls up just as we are finishing.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For the Birds Challenge

I am entering this card in Cards in Envy: For the Birds Challenge. The image is a Cling Jumbo from Stampendous that I purchased at Cat's Creations. I colored the image with my Copic Markers then covered it in glossy accents to enhance the color. I used Stickles to color the berries then cut out the image. I chose not to use a sentiment. I really like how the birds turned out. The green with white polka dot paper was from my stash of Christmas paper scraps. I have no idea what line its from. To finish off the card I added some twine from My Minds Eye.

Have a good one!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Every Breath is a Gift

I made this card using Cards in Envy sketch #10 that was posted on Facebook. The papers are from Basic Grey's Sugar Rush 6x6 paper pad. The image is a Phyllis Harris by Unity stamp. I colored with my Copic Markers. I used foam tape on the sentiment to give dimension. I am entering this card in WOW Wednesday at Cat's Creations. Leave me a comment for a chance to win a fabulous prize!

On another note, I decided to take Gracie on her first adventure. I took the dogs to our favorite place Woodland Cemetery. Gracie was so excited when I got the leashes out. We get to the cemetery and I turn them loose.
The clouds were so pretty displaying some color from the setting sun.
Gracie lopes off with the other two but she soon turns around to makes sure I'm still coming.
To only have had her since Thursday, she does really good coming to me when I call her and seems to acknowledge her new name.

I'm taking her to the vet Monday to check her out. I'll let you know what I learn.

Day of Goodness

What a wonderful day I've had spending it with a friend eating, shopping, scrapbooking and laughing! Laughter does a heart good like a medicine! We did our share today!

Three weeks ago Cassandra and I got together to craft for the afternoon. We decided right then that an afternoon just wasn't enough so we looked at calendars and scheduled another crafting date that day. You know how it is when you say "we should get together sometime" and "sometime" never happens because you didn't set a date!

Our crafting date was Saturday. She came around 9:30AM. We text back and forth the night before setting a time and discussing breakfast. She wanted to make breakfast at my house! Sounded like a deal to me! She had a Martha Stewart pancake recipe she wanted to try. I was game! She made pancakes and I cooked the sausage. It was yummy! After breakfast she asked how I felt about going to Cat's Creations. Heck I am always game to go to the store! However as I begin to pick up a few items I realize I don't have money with me to buy anything. Enter Cassandra to the rescue! She offers to help me out!

We get back to the house to get crafty!
Gracie tries very hard to not let me out of her sight and the others wouldn't be left out so it made for cramped quarters in my craft room!

During the afternoon a couple of storms blew up near enough to us we could hear thunder. The animal shelter had warned me that Gracie was very afraid of storms or rain. Must be a "Dane" thing as Mercy didn't like them either!

It wasn't long Gracie was under my desk right under my feet! So glad Doyle had raised it so I could stand to craft!

Lil' Man came over for a visit. Mommy needed a break and Daddy had taken the girls to bowl. Cassandra was so sweet to hold him and then...

put him to sleep!

Hubby was so sweet to me. He not only bought lunch for us but then he cooked on the grill that night! This picture isn't real good because I took it through my window in my craft room.

While dinner was cooking, Cassandra went with me to feed Clyde. We got to see a beautiful sunset.

Out of the entire day I only managed to get 3 cards made! This is one of the 3. Because I plan to enter the other two cards in challenges I will post a separate blog. I did put some completed pages in scrapbooks.

I made this card using a Phyllis Harris stamp by Unity. I colored it with Copic Markers. I chose not to put a sentiment on the front.

There was really too much going on for me to get much done. The girls were at the house a couple of times and wanted to hangout with us in the craft room. That is ok but it always seems that their crafting requires my assisatance! My friend Cassandra however was very productive! This girl has it going on! Not only is she creative, she's good with kids, dogs AND she can cook! I think I'll keep her around!

Have a good one!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


The kids have been staying in the Peanut Palace for the last 3 weeks due to a flea infestation at their house. Needless to say with them being in close proximity I have seen them a lot! Can't say that I blame them when all they have to do is walk across the backyard to my house! The day I adopted Gracie, I fixed dinner for Vanessa and the girls after I got home from work. Keannon had been gone to school to become an insurance adjuster. The girls wanted to help me in the kitchen so I put them to work.

I had one tearing up Romaine lettuce and the other spinach leaves. The really did a pretty good job although Kennedy got tired of doing sooner than Remi.

Vanessa was trying to talk on the phone to someone and she brought Kashton to me. Hmmm, now how am I supposed to cook and hold a baby?! Get sister to hold him for just a second while you need two hands then take him back!

Remi with Kashton. She absolutely LOVES him! She is always wanting to hold him. It's just precious! She has a little brother that lives with her now. Colt Matthew was born while Remi was here her first 3 week visit this summer.
I think Gracie has definitely claimed the couch as her own!

Have a good one!


You know some of the best gifts are those that come unexpectedly. For about a week I had been seeing some posts on Facebook about a Great Dane that had been rescued from a neglected situation and needed a forever home. My interest was peaked but I dismissed it at first. I had become content with only having one dog that is until about 2 weeks ago when Kajen came back to live with us temporarily. I was ok with that too. Kajen is a great dog and he gets a long well with Kaidence. I figured someone else would take her. Then a young woman I know who went to school with Vanessa posted a picture of this dog on my timeline because she knew we had a Great Dane before. I shared the picture on Doyle's timeline. I was going to leave the decision up to him. He never said anything about the photo.

I received a private Facebook message from this same girl (Brandon) on Wednesday telling me the Dane was still available but her time was running out. I started getting a little more serious about asking questions about her. All I knew to do was ask Doyle about it. If he said no I would abide by his decision.

I wanted to put off getting her until Friday as Doyle and I were both working that day and I wouldn't be home until after 6pm. Brandon told me it wouldn't wait. She said if Gracie wasn't adopted she would have to be euthanized. After church Wednesday night I finally get the courage to ask Doyle. He didn't say yes but more importantly, he didn't say no! I determined in my heart that I would go pick her up from the shelter first thing Thursday morning.

I get up and arrive at the City Animal Shelter before they open. I fell in love the moment I saw her. She is so loving! Although extremely thin, she was full of energy and strong! Vanessa said she would help me with the dogs until I could get home from work.

She's checking out the kitchen. I measured her and she is the same height as Mercy was 31 inches at the shoulder. I won't know what she weighs until I take her to the vet on Monday.

I had already been thinking about a name the night before. I wanted something similar to Mercy because I knew the dog needed a lot of it! I thought "Grace" would work but then thought about calling her "Gracie"
It didn't take her long to feel comfortable! You can see her ribs her and the callouses on her elbows and hocks where she had to lay on the ground.

The girls came over to meet her. They like her except for her "happy tail" that doesn't cease to hit everything because it's always moving!

I could hardly wait to spend more time with her! I text Vanessa to check on things and she sends me this picture.

 I decide to go home during lunch in between working at the office and the store.

She definitely feels at home!

I'll keep you posted on Gracie's recovery.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Be Still and Know

My friend and I just finished co-leading a Beth Moore study "Jesus the One and Only". This was her first time to do something like this. She did a great job and even lead class for me when I went with the kids to Arkansas for court. I wanted to give her a little something as a "thank you" and created this card. It had been a while since I had made one and even longer since I had colored! I've been in scrapbook mode. For some reason I can't seem to do both. I either make cards or I scrapbook. My goal is to make cards after making a layout using the paper scraps left. It's a good goal...but it hasn't happened yet!

I kept the card pretty simple. No ribbon, not buttons, no brads. Just layered paper and a colored image. I used a Phyllis Harris stamp by Unity called "Your Wings Exist". I just love Phyllis Harris stamps and have almost all of them! I used my Copic Markers to color the image, fussy cut then popped with foam tape for dimension. In looking for cardstock to mat the sentiment with I discovered a strip that I had used a border punch on and thought it would work perfectly. My friend was very pleased with her card and so was I!

I have been spending a LOT of time in my craft room....but not for me! These two little crafters make a beeline for my craft room every time they are here! I have given each of them an Artbin which I refer to as their "totes. Kennedy's is purple and is in the bottom left of this photo. I have put papers, all sorts of stickers, scissors and put their names on them.

 I am happy to encourage them to create!
The other day, Vanessa kept her friend's little boy, Legend. He came over with the girls and got introduced to crafting too! He LOVED it! He made two cards using glitter glue, stickers and....
Yep, I even let him use some ink! Look at that happy face!
He's also 3. He's 5 months younger than Kennedy.
The girls did a good job of sharing their stickers and paper with Legend.
I apologize for the crummy background. All I was thinking about was capturing the moment as the girls were being silly!
The girls cousin, Krystal came along with them. She is the same age as Remi (4). They play together well.
I just love these crazy kids! L to R Krystal (4), Kennedy (3), Remi (4), Kashton (5 months)

Have a good one!