Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Sign of Promise

A week ago Monday I was determined I was going to begin walking at least once a day. Well, I actually had set the goal for twice but when I set that I realized that was a bit unrealistic. So every morning except Sunday I got up around 7 or 7:30am and took Kaidence walking. I even made myself jog a little. Any of you that know me personally know how much I dislike running but I didn't know how else to get some cardio in. Kaidence loves that I'm doing this and even looked pouty on Sunday morning when I didn't go. I hadn't said anything before now as I wanted to see if I could keep it up.

I've been walking/jogging to the cemetery and back (more walking than jogging). It's just about 2 miles round trip. Thursday morning the clouds were so pretty to me.

My com padre cooling off in the puddle left by recent rains at the back entrance to the cemetery.

That evening a little cloud bank formed to the west of us making an interesting sunset.

A little closer view

In the end this was all that was left. I sure wish I had a clearer view of the horizon. I just got a glimpse of the rich colors. It always amazes me how the picture changes.

Saturday I worked at the store. I had left to let out Kaidence and go feed Clyde. Just before I got home the bottom fell out and it started pouring rain! I make my way back across town to feed Clyde and halfway there it stopped. It hadn't rained a drop on the east side of town!

You could sure tell it was raining looking South!

On my way back to the store I stopped to get supper for me and Marilyn at Chili's when I saw the most gorgeous rainbow!
What I would have given to be in the country to get this shot instead I had buildings, signs and power lines!
I get back to the store. Finish eating dinner and I go to the front of the store to look out the window and I can STILL see the rainbow! I go back out side and it is brighter than before AND I can see the entire thing! I just couldn't get the whole thing in the frame of my camera (my phone). My big camera was at home!

This is the right side of the rainbow looking toward the south from the Brazos Mall Parking Lot.

The left side of the rainbow looking toward the east. At some point there was a double rainbow but I missed that. When I see a rainbow, which isn't often, I am reminded of God's promise. He is faithful and He always keeps His promises!

Have a good one!

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  1. Good for you! I've been walking every morning on our property. I guess about 15 minutes and try to walk a little longer every day. Like you I thought I'd walk twice a day, but don't think that will happen. I love the early morning walking. Of course I do this off and on all the time but nothing regular but this time I've been at it for 2 weeks. So need to keep it up! Love your photos as always. The rainbow is beautiful!