Friday, July 12, 2013

Ramblings of the Last Several Days

My goodness things have been busy around here! I finally was able to take a breath today and will have part of tomorrow before I hit the ground running again!

We had a real cold front come through the first of July lowering temps for highs and lows. Very unusual for us but quite the blessing! Usually when we get a front it really doesn't do much this time of year.
I never would have thought I would see this temp as a low for July! At least not in Texas! It was heavenly! The high that day never got out of the 80's. That's great riding weather so I did! Vanessa and Kennedy came by and of course she wanted to ride with me.
Vanessa brought Kashton over later so she could do some things. He was asleep when she brought him so when he woke up he was ready to eat. Kennedy wanted to help. She is a good big sister.
Kennedy also spent the night a couple of times that week. Since she has discovered that the couch makes out into a bed, she loves to sleep on it!
She wanted to wear my glasses. Silly girl!
She crashed before I could get a picture this time. She would stay with me every night if I would let her! She told her Mommy she wanted to live with me!

Here she is modeling her new apron. She loves it! She told me "now I can work at the scrapbook store with Miss Cathy like you!" I must admit it made me smile! The apron was one of the items for sale at a recent benefit held at the store.
Not a good one of Kashton but good one of Kennedy.

Dad and Barbara arrived Wednesday night to spend the holiday with us. They just celebrated their 18th anniversary! Geez, when did that happen?!
Here they are with Kennedy and Kashton. I just realized I didn't get a 4 generation picture! UGH! I still need to get one with my Mom...We haven't done one since before Kashton was born!

There is lots more to tell you and of course more photos but I'll save that for another blog. Have a good one!


  1. The temps that week were indeed awesome! Love your grandkid photos and photo of them with your dad and his wife. They look so happy! It's good to see you on the blog!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I'm trying to get back in the swing of things!