Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Family Outing on Possum Kingdom Lake

After Dad and Barbara left on Monday, Doyle's sister and brother came Tuesday and stayed until Wednesday. Doyle wanted to take them out on the water so we went Tuesday evening.
The first thing I saw was this cool bird.

On the way to the lake we saw a large plume of smoke. Not a good sign. It's always difficult to really tell how close it is. After the horrible fires two years ago I'm sure that sight made some lake people nervous. Made me nervous for them. Needless to say I have smoke in a lot of my photos.
My SIL Doris. See the smoke mixed with the clouds.
Doris got this of all of us! It turned out pretty good!
Just enjoying sitting a spell.
My view. Once again you can see the smoke.
So peaceful and serene. Beautiful way to end the evening.
Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful and fun lake adventure photos! Even with the smoke your pics are fabulous!

    1. thanks so much Sandy! We did have a great time!