Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reunited and it Feels so Good!

Remi is here! Keannon got back with her late Saturday night. I didn't get to see her until Sunday morning when they came to church. I was so glad to see her! I was afraid she would be timid around us after not seeing us for 6 months but she never skipped a beat and fit right in like nothing had changed.
 After church we went to eat. This is a little child bench at the restaurant. We then went back to the kids house so we could have Christmas with Remi.
It's quite a haul!

We watched as she meticulously opens each gift!
Kennedy so wanted to help Remi open her gifts!
One of her favorite gifts
Some assembly required!
Dad was "trash control"
Grammer held Kashton (at least for a little one). She said he was sure wiggly! (and he is!)
Remi can't get enough of little brother!
She's getting practice for when her other little brother arrives the end of June and will live at her house.
Once the presents were open we load up to go see Granddad at the fire station.
He was pretty happy to see our girl too!
Of course the most fun part of going to the fire station is getting in the truck!
Could this be our next generation of firefighters?
Daddy and his girls!
Remi has on the gloves she got for Christmas. She likes them so much she wanted to wear them even though it's obviously "not" cold!
Remi definitely likes her bubba!
From the fire station we go to The Yogurt Store. It's a frozen yogurt shop.
After yogurt the kids and I parted ways. I went to an evening service at church while they went to the track to walk and let the kids ride bikes. Vanessa took the girls after that to a little carnival that is in town.
Tonight they came over. I just love the shirts that Vanessa had the girls in!
Kashton giving up a big smile!
Remi will be here for 3 weeks so you'll be seeing more from me if I can get time to blog about it!

Have a good one!


  1. So wonderful that after 6 months Remi fit right in! I'm sure she will enjoy her 3 weeks and will be ready for her next visit! So very sweet that you had Christmas for her. I bet it was hard for Kennedy to not want to help open those gifts! Sweet photos of all three of your grandchildren. Enjoy the time with them...you can blog later. :)

    1. It was hard but once all the gifts were opened they played together so it worked out ok!

  2. So glad everything went so smoothly. Love the photos of her with Kashton...so sweet! Fun at the fire station--priceless! Hmmmm.....do we have some fire station paper for you to use at the store????? Bet you can find some! These three weeks will be so wonderful, yet pass by so quickly.

    1. Thanks Marilyn! Yep I'm pretty sure I have some of that paper already!