Friday, May 24, 2013

The Rest of the Story

I am so sorry to keep you in suspense! I really thought I would get to this sooner but it has been pretty busy around here. "One" can make plans but "One" should always be flexible as the plans can and usually do change! Especially when it's grandchildren involved!

I left you last blog on the eve of our court hearing in Murphreesboro, Arkansas. We get up a little after 6am. We planned to be on the road by 7am.  We didn't miss it by much. The hearing was at 9. Everyone was a bit tense on the way as even though we felt that we had a good case you just never know.

It was a beautiful ride driving through rural Arkansas. Lots of farm land. I love driving through areas like that. I did have to keep my eyes on the road so as not to get car sick as the roads were anything but straight! There were also a lot of trees but managed to find a clearing to get this.
When I see rays coming through the clouds like this I relate it to God's glory. So pretty to me. I took it as personal encouragement that He was with us and was going before us.

Now Murphreesboro isn't a big community but there are two places to have court. One is the old courthouse where we were told to go and at the county jail. Kind of convenient to have court in the same building as the jail don't you think? When we arrived to the old courthouse Keannon went inside only to have the clerk tell him she wasn't aware of any cases being heard there that day. He comes back to the car and calls his attorney's office who confirmed we were in the right place. Keannon's attorney then shows up and we learn we have to go to the other location. It's not far only a couple of miles. We had time.

I was Kashton's caregiver during this process. I sat in the court room for a bit but as long as he was awake he wanted to be moving or he made noise! So we went walking around until he fell asleep.
 At one point I took him to the car to change his diaper. I figured out how to make him smile!
As long as Kennedy is around it's hard to get much time with Kashton. She pretty much dominates right now! She stayed with some friends for this trip. There would have been no place for her. Nothing to do not to mention the ride in the car.

I was not in the courtroom much so didn't get to hear much first hand. Only the attorney for the other side showed up. Keannon has a really good attorney this time. She's a real spitfire! Practiced law in California 15 yrs which is extremely helpful. Remi's mother had filed to have court moved to California after she was served with papers. The Judge denied that request. He did say it should be moved at some point but until this case is closed it will be finished there in Arkansas. Remi's mother is unable to travel because she is pregnant and due the later part of June. She produced a written excuse from the doctor saying no travel or court until August 17th. The Judge didn't take that in to consideration either as he set court for August 12th. He also gave Keannon  6 weeks of visitation with Remi until we go to court on the 12th. He wanted Keannon to have it all at once but Keannon's attorney was wise and suggested two 3 week intervals. It will still be hard on Remi but easier than all at once. The first 3 weeks will begin June 3rd thru June 22nd. Keannon will have to pay for air fare to get her, accompany her and take her home but the second 3 weeks (July 13th thru Aug 3rd) will be her mom's responsibility. I don't like being a skeptic but as much as she's refused to work with us before I'm not holding my breathe. The 3rd is not very far away! A week from Monday!

When we go to court on August 12th that is when the contempt charges will be dealt with and visitation reviewed. Your prayers would be appreciated. We really do want the best for Remi but no arrangement is going to be easy for either party. She is the one who suffers. Just makes me sad. Everything is different here. Keannon and Vanessa aren't in the same house. She has a new brother she's never met. I know she has grown and changed too.

We got through close to noon. While Vanessa was feeding Kashton and Keannon was changing his clothes into something more comfortable than a suit I took time to snap a few pictures. There was hay field next to where the jail and courtroom were. A farmer was mowing and several birds were having a feast on bugs!
A scissor-tail resting on the fence.
Probably not the same one. Love the color on his wings. He was coming in for a landing!
Another scissor-tail sitting pretty for me.
Look at this Cattle Egret strutting his stuff! I had to be really sneaky!
I got a little too close for comfort...and that was with a zoom lens!
Pretty little yellow flowers
and a shy butterfly. We load up and head toward home. We stop in Texarkanna to eat lunch then hit the road again. Just on the east side of Dallas Kashton decides its his turn to eat. We stop at a McDonald's that has an open field next to it so what do I do? Yep, I hop out and take my camera with me!
I just love this flowers. They are so pretty when there are a lot of them!
Can you see all the little bugs that are feasting on these flowers? I saw a huge black butterfly that I chased around trying to get a picture of before he fly beyond where I could go.
Found this guy who refused to open his wings. In his defense it was windy. Well, it was time to get back on the road. Doyle text me to see where we were. Come to find out he was grilling fajitas for us when we got home! Yummy! When we arrived I learned he not only had cooked for us but for our new neighbors a young couple and our other neighbor. We had a patio party! Nana had Kennedy and she brought her by after gymnastics. Kennedy was glad to see us...especially me :)
Look how long he is!

Here's one more pic that Vanessa took of the guys chillin' at the hotel. Forgot to share this in the last blog.
Until next time...Have a good one!


  1. Glad I got the details in person! I hope and pray all will work out. It is hard for the little ones but she does need to know her other family. Beautiful bird and scenery pics. Wow! That baby has really grown. In that photo he looks nearly as big as Kennedy!

  2. Glad things seem to be working in y'alls favor, but you are right....the little ones suffer. I'm glad that your lawyer was wise and split the 6 weeks into two three week periods. Kashton is growing like a weed!!! You and he really got some quality time together.