Monday, May 20, 2013

Beauty in an Unexpected Place

I've mentioned in previous blogs that we haven't seen Remi since 2 weeks before Christmas. The kids have made several attempts to make flight arrangements but Remi's mother would not agree to any of them. Keannon finally felt he was forced to file for "contempt of court" charges against her.

A hearing was set for a week ago this past Monday. Vanessa asked me if I would come along to help with Kashton. Since the court house was in Arkansas which is where the original case was set we left before church was over to get on the road. Where court was held didn't have much to choose from for lodging so we stayed in Texarkana which was about an 1 to 1 1/2 away. Not exactly how I intended to spend Mother's Day but it wasn't all that bad. Just didn't get to spend it with my Mom. Keannon and Vanessa did take me out for Breakfast that morning which was a real treat!

Kashton had slept most of the way but about 30 minutes from our destination he woke up and was hungry. He protested LOUDLY! Keannon pulled off at the next available exit. While we were stopped I took the opportunity to stretch my legs and grabbed my camera for a short adventure.  There were wildflowers galore!

Then it was time to get back in the car. At least we didn't have far to go.

We get to the hotel and check in. We relax and unwind after being in the car all afternoon.

Getting some bonding time with Kashton

Even Mommy and Daddy were feeling fiesty!

 Bath time!

Mommy has Kashton wrapped up like a burrito!

Kashton chillin' with Dad

We had to be at the courthouse by 9am so it was nighty night for us! I'll tell the rest of the story tomorrow. Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful wildflower photos! Sorry you didn't get to spend Mother's Day with your Mom but it can be Mother's Day any day so pick a special day and spend it with her. Hope all worked out okay with the hearing. Will look for the rest of the story!
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

    1. thanks Sandy! You're right any day can be a special day to spend with my Mom. Think I'll do that!