Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weirdest Weather

One thing I've learned after living in this great state for 30+ years is the weather, especially in the spring and fall, can be very unpredictable and strange.

Those of you who know me personally or who follow my blog know I'm a weather watcher. I always know what the weather is doing or is going to do.

Spring officially came on March 22nd but someone forgot to tell Texas. The place were the weather is warm enough sometimes at Christmas to wear shorts and tank top and also produce snow on Bluebonnets when Easter falls in April!

Now back to Spring. It was beautiful....yesterday. So beautiful, I went for a ride.
I look a little more enthused than Clyde does. Hmmm....wonder why?!

I have an Artist Proof print of a painting by Chuck DeHaan. We bought this print 15 years ago. It so tells the story of unpredictable weather in Texas. Here's the print.
The title of the print is "73 degrees in Amarillo....yesterday".

And that's just about how it was here....yesterday, except we were at 80 degrees for the high! At 10pm last night it was 73. By 11 it had dropped to 60! Clyde had shed his winter hair so I went and put a blanket on him. We were supposed to get storms ahead of the front but this time the rain was behind the front. Not only was it cold but it rained (not that I'm complaining as we so needed it!). When I awoke this morning the temp was 38 degrees! A far cry from 80 the day before!
The temp continued to drop but bottomed out at 34 before it started back up and it didn't recover very fast. The rain did come to an end and clouds cleared late afternoon bringing sunshine and temps up to the low 40's but with no cloud cover that means a potential to freeze. A freeze warning was issued for us.

As always we will rebound. High temp tomorrow? Forecast says 60. Friday 71, Sat 78 then Sun and Mon in the 80's. Yep back to shorts and tank top weather!

It really is true what the old timers say "Don't like the weather? Just will change!"

Now what kind of grandmother would I be if I didn't post at least ONE picture of my little darlin's?! I've had to resort to copying pics of Facebook to get pictures lately! Here's a pic Vanessa took of Kashton and Kennedy.'s another one!
Vanessa got several of Kennedy making all kinds of faces. They are too cute and I'm already thinking of doing a layout with them but I won't bore you with them!
Kashton turned a month old Friday!

Have a good one!


  1. A month old already? Goodness! Adorable grandkid pics and I know you'll have some adorable layouts of them too. The weather here has indeed been CRAZY!!
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

  2. Yes, time is passing very quickly! I do need to get started on his layouts! I hope this is the LAST cold snap we have until next winter season!