Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is Winter Over?

Don't we wish?! The last several days have lulled me into thinking so plus seeing my daffodils and tulips pushing up through the dirt!

But this I know from experience. Winter isn't over until after Easter which is the last Sunday in March this year (March 31st). I remember a couple of times when Easter fell around the 1st week of April and we actually had SNOW! I even have a picture with snow on Blue Bonnets (our state flower)! Of course it only lasted one day but still!

l After several days of  upper 60's and lower 70's another front is on the way to bring temps back to what is normal this time of year.

I got something new!
Hubby installed it yesterday! I didn't even know I was getting one until the day it showed up! Now that's a surprise! I can actually use an oven again! I have gotten by with a toaster oven for hmmm...several years! And when the toaster oven wasn't big enough I would borrow the stove in the Peanut Palace. Before that I just had to make do! One time I remember needing to make a cake and took it to church to bake in the oven there! I started thinking about it and I have NEVER had a new oven in my entire adult life! Even when we bought our first home the appliances were original to when it was built and that was 20 years ago then! Remember Coppertone?!

I'm not much of a cook but I'm one happy camper to finally have a stove where the oven works and the knobs don't fall off :) Of course now my hubby is in a dilemma.He asked me last night "where do you stop?" I said "What do you mean?" He said "well, the next project is to replace the dishwasher, the countertops need replacing, cabinets either need to be refinished or painted, flooring replace." (I like the way he thinks!)

Have a good one!


  1. Yep, I'm been wondering if cold temps were coming back or not. Yesterday I put all the potted plants outside on the back deck for a good watering and some sunshine. But I moved them back in at bedtime as I wasn't sure it if would get cold or not. LOL Your new stove is beautiful! I had a new stove when we built the house and then after 25 years needed another new one and a new dishwasher and a new fridge! It's pretty fun getting new but made me almost not want to cook on it and get it dirty. LOL. Enjoy yours!

  2. fun, fun and more fun!!!! There was a TV show called the Donna Reed Show and I think she bought a new chair and the saga continues until almost "everything" in the living room was replaced! :) He is such a good man! And I couldn't agree more about winter days ahead!!! Still got some more chili and cornbread to eat!

  3. Happy new stove! Doyle has the right the entire kitchen - woohoo! After all, the rest looks older and more worn now that there is a new stove in it, right?! LOL