Monday, February 4, 2013

Adventure Day

Kaidence and I were long overdue for an "adventure day". The weather today was as perfect as it can get. Sunny, 73 degrees with just a hint of breeze.
Clouds decoratively dotted the bright blue sky like a canvas painting. Just fabulous!

I follow our State Park's Facebook page and they have reported a bald eagle sighting. In fact, the eagle comes and goes. When it has been seen I wasn't able to go. I thought today would be perfect. The last report was that it had been seen a few days ago. I asked again at the gate and I was told it was still in the park. I was pumped!

I didn't bring Clyde this time. Thought that would be too much of a distraction plus the eagle was spotted on the other side of the lake which is not for equestrians.
I saw some Canadian Geese. I did use my zoom but I was surprised at how close they let me get especially since I had a dog in tow!
This group were in the designated swimming area. Out of the photo just beyond the beach is the parking lot!

Not sure what kind of birds these are but I am always looking for birds to photograph as I have a couple of friends who are avid bird watchers. Every year at Christmas I make them a calendar with photos I have taken.
Some Killdeers.
Some vultures....but no eagle :(
I decided to go on a hike and maybe I would see the eagle. I took Kaidence to the Equestrian side of the park.

We had this side of the park to ourselves. Not a vehicle or person in sight so I left Kaidence off the lease. She stays with me really good and comes the moment I call her. 

The sun was getting lower in the sky. I wanted to try one more time to see if the eagle was in the area that had been reported. We loaded up and drove back to the other side of the lake. Still no eagle :(

I decide to take Kaidence on the hiking trails that are on that side of the lake. They lead into what is known as Penitentiary Hollow. This place is well frequented by rock climbers. It's a really neat place. Today there was only one person there and we met them leaving as we were coming.
This is the view at the top before going down in the Hollow.
Down at lake level. I wanted to stay here for a while but we were losing daylight.
Here we are at the bottom. If you look close you can see the railing at the top were we started.
Kaidence leading the way back up.

I never did see the eagle but I had an awesome time. I'll go back and try again. I would love to not only see one but get a photo of one! On our way home I stop to feed Clyde. As I pull up to the barn I see a large hawk sitting in the top of a tree. I had already put my camera away so I was scrambling. I put my zoom leans on and was trying to focus when.....
This picture is blurry because the lighting was so dim and he was moving! I was bummed I didn't get a better shot. I seem to be loosing my touch of being ready for "the moment"! After feeding Clyde, we head home and driving down the drive way I spot him again. I tried one more time to get his portrait but he's one shy bird. Just as I got out of my truck, he took flight again! Oh well...maybe next time!

Have a good one...I sure did!




  1. I love being able to go on your nature adventures with you through your photos - thank you!

  2. Awesome adventure! Love your photos and I love the rock climbing side of the lake! Haven't been there in a while tough. Wish you would have seen the eagle. That would have been something to see!
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  3. Lovely hike!!!!! I had heard there has been an eagle siting in our county and I have been watching!!!! That redish hawk was spotted by me the other day.... He is breathtaking!!!! They are extremely hard to capture in a pic!!! Our bird friends would probably tell us we need to camp out at site and wait!!!!! Awesome job on blog! Love the couple of geese just standing there!!!!