Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Squirrel Saga Continues

I did get the Christmas lights down last Friday at least what was left of them.
Out of five strands of 100 lights only one strand survived.
You might say they didn't have anything to eat. And I would say since when do squirrels not like pecans?!
You see all these pecans?! Now we didn't pick these up because they are the small natives and they are very difficult to shell to get the nuts out. Now you may say...the squirrels didn't feel safe collecting nuts from the ground. Then I would say....what about these!
Look at all the nuts still in the tree! Why on earth would the squirrels prefer electrical wire to these jewels!
I think part of the problem with the squirrels is we made it easy for them. We have what are called "boxed eaves". Doyle had to do some repair that required him taking down the enclosure. He did not complete the repair at the time and hoped he wouldn't cause problems but....
He left these openings which he discovered the squirrels had been entering as he found pieces of my light strands in there! He closed them up while I took down the lights.

Ok, I'll quit venting about the squirrels. At least they waited until after Christmas to do their destruction as the lights worked up until New Years.

I didn't not get to ride that day. I had planned to after I took the lights down but Doyle needed some help with the repair and then I ran out of time. I did get a glimpse of what was left of the sunset.
Kennedy came over on Friday night and spent the night with us. Since I didn't work at the store Saturday we slept in. Well, she slept in! After she gets up we go take care of Clyde. We come back and I make us some breakfast. Mom comes over to see Kennedy and have some coffee. After she leaves Kennedy and I play. We stamped, painted, played hide and seek.
She is painting a picture for Mommy. We also made one for Daddy and Remi.

We went outside for a while but not long as a front had moved through dropping temperatures drastically from the day before. But in that short time Kennedy fell and kissed the sidewalk. I saw it happen and was afraid to look to see what the damage was. She busted her lip and scraped her nose. I thought for sure she would want her Momma but no she wanted me!

Kennedy went with me to Tractor Supply to buy horse feed tonight. On the way to the check out she saw this huge container of "Cheese Puffs"! She LOVES these things! Guess who got suckered?
One happy girl! If you click on the picture you can get a better look of her battle scars from her fall on Saturday.

A very dear friend had a birthday Sunday and I made her this card.
I just love this "triple stamping" technique. You can make so many different variations of this card  and its so easy! For the tutorial go here. The ribbon I used is what I get from Really Reasonable Ribbon monthly ribbon club.
 Come back tomorrow for WOW Wednesday. I have more creations to show you!

Have a good one!


  1. L.O.V.E. your card! Definitely need to try this technique out! Don't you hate it when little ones get boo boos....

  2. Not sure if your squirrels are super smart (figuring out where to hide the Christmas lights) or super dumb (for passing up pecans for electrical wires)! Wondering how you will de-squirrel next year's Christmas lights.

    Love the Triple Stamping technique. A blog friend, Jan Hunnicutt, did some cards in the Triple Stamping style but just with paper. I CASE'd the idea so watch for my post at the beginning of February. So easy and a great way to use up scraps!

    1. I'm choosing to believe they aren't just dumb but stupid and lazy! I am hoping the repair Doyle did will take care of it. I've put lights on this house for 8 years and this is the very first time I've ever had any trouble!

      Look forward to seeing your use of scraps with this technique!

  3. Ha, ha. The Cheesy Poos (as Brandy called them) is funny. Sucker.....(Just Kidding). Glad you had a good time with your Peanut and sorry about her tumble and injuries. They do get them now and then much to our sorrow. Crazy squirrels. Glad Doyle got that "hole" fixed though. That's probably what attracted them to the roof and wires. Love the sky photo and your card is fabulous! I have yet to do that technique! Must remember to make one!
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

    1. Yes, I admit I'm a sucker but how can I resist when she says in that little child voice "Tatah, will you buy this for me?"