Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #156

It's Workdesk Wednesday. How did it get here so fast? My desk was clean and empty of any projects at the beginning of the day and I started to take a pic but how boring is that? I kept my granddaughter over Memorial Day weekend and Memorial Day. She's 2 yrs and 5 months. She keeps me hopping! I love her dearly and love doing things with her but needless to say I can't sit at my desk for very long! I did however spend some time in my craft room today working on a page layout of my Lil' Peanut's first haircut.

The hairdresser (who happens to be a very close family friend) cut her hair. She provided a certificate for scrapbooking and a lock of her hair in a little plastic baggie! She understands the importance of scrapbooking as her mother and I are best friends and we scrapbook together.  The first paper I was going to use for this layout is in the upper corner of this photo. It actually has the words first haircut on it but the colors are all wrong for the pictures I have so I decided to use some of the new Bo Bunny line "Alora"

Rather simple but here's the finished layout.

Now if your curious...go check out some of the other workdesks by going to Julie's Stamping Ground Blog. Have a good one!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shhh...The Baby's Sleeping

My daughter is the Asst GM at a local eatery called Fuzzy's Taco Shop. She closes every night all weekend and then opens Monday. Dad on the job out of town so I am watching my granddaughter which I love to do but I don't get much crafting or blogging done. She feel asleep taking a ride in my new truck so here I am while she is sleeping.

Isn't she just precious?! We tried 3 times to see Granddad today. He's on duty at the fire station. He's been out on a call every time we've tried to go visit.

I fixed her some breakfast. She said she wanted cereal so I fixed her a bowl and I fixed me pancakes and some bacon. I knew she would end up eating some of what I had and sure enough she did!

I don't know if you can tell but she took a piece of bacon and is eating her cereal with it! Interesting mixture of foods! Silly girl!

Vanessa came by to pick her up for a few hours around noon today. That gave me some free time to check out the Operation Write Home's Memorial Day Bloghop. This is a great place for card inspiration and a very worthy cause for our men and women who serve in the military. I also managed to make a graduation card for my niece who is graduating next Friday.

I used a sketch #73 from OWH's sketches for this card. I love how it turned out. The school name is Perrin. If you look closely you can see it through the ribbon.

Here's a little closer view. The school specific paper I got at my LSS Cat's Creations Scrapbooks. I also got the color coordinated graduation paper from there as well. The sentiment (Congratulations) was from Stampin' Up. I stamped on white paper with black archival ink. Trimmed it down and then put on a strip of gold paper. Added the graduation hat sticker and 2 brads and popped the gold paper with foam tape.

When Vanessa brought Kennedy back to me, I took her to for a snow cone. Not sure if she's ever had one.

For our first one I got strawberry flavor. She seemed to like it but didn't eat much of it. I have a feeling there will be plenty more opportunities to have more!

She is still sleeping so I think I'll wrap this up and go look at some more beautiful cards at OWH! I encourage you to go take a look. You'll be glad you did!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Faithful is Being Replaced with a New Ride

Oh my goodness! What a surprise I got today! Hubby got up earlier than usual. I thought that odd. Even more odd was I realized he had left and not even said good-bye or where he was going! I thought perhaps he had decided to participate in the early voting taking place and wouldn't be gone long. I went on to work. When I returned home he was still gone! "Now that's really odd," I thought. I text him and got no response. I text my daughter thinking perhaps he said something to her. She says no I should try to call. I do. It goes straight to voice mail which I leave one. Now I'm really puzzled. Where is he?! He never goes anywhere and when he does he's not gone long. I go through a few possible scenarios as to the reason for him being MIA and decide to not worry. He's a big boy right?

I changed clothes, grabbed something to eat on the go and get out to the horses. I wanted to get my ride in before I was to keep Kennedy. I get done, go pickup Kennedy and realize I forgot to do the church's banking and put letters in the mail. No big deal right? I can go through the drive through for banking and pass a mailbox to drop off letters. I get to the bank and of course its Friday on a holiday weekend. Need I say more? When it gets to be my turn I pull up only to remember that the electronics for the window on the drivers side of my truck quit working two days ago. How convenient! Obviously my memory isn't working very well as I drive around the bank through their parking lot to the mail drop off and try again to "open my window". UGH!!! I gave up and went home! There's always tomorrow right? At least that is what I thought.

I love my old truck. We ordered it new in 1998. A Dodge Ram 2500, 5 speed, club cab, short wheel base, 2-wheel drive, candy apple red. Its been a great truck but things are starting to not the window....and the electric locks on the passenger side quit a long time ago. Sometimes the electronics on the drivers seat work and sometimes not. Sometimes the fan on the A/C works and sometimes it doesn't but I still love to drive it. It's the first vehicle I have ever owned that I've not grown tired of. I told my husband I was going to drive it until the wheels feel off...and I had decided they just might!

Kennedy and I get to the house and Doyle is STILL not home. WHERE IS HE???!!! I'm thinking loudly in my head and mumble under my breath. Kennedy starts asking "Where's Granddad?" I tell her "I don't know!" I had overheard him talking to a buddy of his the other day. Maybe...just maybe he went to play golf. So I decided again to "not worry" and if I don't here from him or see him by 5 then I'll decide a plan of action. About 3:30 or 4 I hear him come in the house. Kennedy runs to meet him. I hear him say "go tell Savtah to come see what I got.

When I come in the living room he hands me a key. Outside is this!
He bought me another truck! 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 automatic with 4 wheel drive! I was in shock! To top that all off he drove to Austin to get it! This man never ceases to amaze me! I will have to have a goose-neck hitch installed and I need a tool box. Talk about surprised! Don't worry. Old Faithful will stay in the family. Doyle has been wanting to get back in a truck again. He traded his SUV for this truck and is going to drive Old Red. I'm really kind of glad. Me and that truck have a history.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Miss You

After blogging about Remi and the book I made her I realized how much I miss her! I decided to make her a card to mail to her. I have a little girl stamp with a cat that made me think of her.

I found some princess stickers at the Dollar Store and put them inside. Hoping she likes them!

I've made a couple of Father's Day cards too.

This one is for my Dad. I used the "Genuine" line from Authentique. These make great western papers! The horse stamp I bought off Ebay. It's a retired Stampin'Up image. Colored it with my Copic Markers, cut it out and popped it with foam tape. I really like this card and am having trouble with the thought of parting with it! Maybe I should make another before I do that!

This card is for my son-in-law. He enjoys playing golf. The paper I bought at my LSS Cat's Creations Scrapbooks. The stamp I colored with my Copic Markers, cut out and matted with cardstock. I liked the way this one turned out too.

That wraps it up for today. Have a good one!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 155

Well, my friend Sandy T has convinced me to join in on What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday after making comments on several of her blogs about WOYWW. So this is for you Sandy! Last night I went to my craft room which I typically do after dinner. I've been on a card making kick for a couple of weeks now. I'm a scrapbooker at heart but recently figured out how easy it is to make cards! I used to think it was too hard. Silly me! A 4.25x5.5 space is much easier to create with than 12x12! I also LOVE to take pictures and my stacks and stacks of printed photos is a bit overwhelming when I see how far behind I am! I also have several events I need cards for. I'm a little go easy on me.... here's my work space.

This isn't really all that messy. It has been worse. The pink card with the little girl on it I was making for my granddaughter who lives out of state. I started it last night and finished it this morning before work. I was wanting to get it in the mail today. I made myself late! The card to the far left is a Father's Day card for my son-in-law. There's another card hiding behind my Copic markers that is for a high school graduation Friday night of a teenager that attends my church. Under my cutter is paper for another graduation card I need to make for my niece who will graduate next Friday.

Well, that about does it for my work space! If you've got time go check out Julia's Stamping Ground blog and check out the desks of other crafty people! Ya'll have a good one!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Book for Remi

My granddaughter Remington (Remi) is 3 years old. She lives with her Mom out of state and we only get to see her every two weeks. We got to see her for the first time last July. I was anxious about how I would feel about her but my worries melted with our first introduction. She is an adorable and precious little girl. It didn't take her very long to figure out that "Savtah" always has her camera taking pictures!

This is the very first picture I took of her. This was last summer. I have several now as I try to take pictures every time she is here. One day while I was looking at the number of scrapbooks I had for Kennedy I knew I had to do something for Remi. I asked her Dad about trying to get some pics of her before we met her to try to make her a baby book. I'm still working on that one. In the mean time I began to think about making a little chipboard album for Remi made with pics of us with her that she could take home.

Remi is all about "pink", "princesses" and "bling" so this 3Bugs Savannah line worked great! Bearing in mind that I was making this for a 3 yr old. I glossy accented nearly everything! I spelled her name on the front of the album with sticker letters and covered with glossy accents. I did the same with the rhinestones. I used tule on the ring.

I chose to start her book with her birthday party which was in November. Vanessa planned a party at the park. Vanessa told me that after her party was over that day that she wanted to "have her birthday again". At least we knew she had a good time!

These are of Christmas. The pic on the right is her finding her ornament on the tree I bought for her.

These are some of my favorite photos! Taken in September last year. Daddy having tea with his girls! What a man that is willing to wear a hat and play tea party knowing his mom-in-law will take pics and post them on the web! That's a good Dad!

Making bubbles while Granddad watches. Remi & Kennedy using Granddad's "inkers" to write on paper.

Visiting Granddad at the fire station and getting a tour of the fire truck and ambulance.

Pics with Daddy, sister and Granddad.

Pretty girls in pretty flowers...take this spring.

Having fun on Valentine's Day with Savtah. We played in their room and acted silly!

Of course we had to put the dogs and kitties in her book. This is what I wrote on the last page:

I made this book for you to look at when you are not with us
and to show your Mommy the people who love you when you come to visit.
You are very precious to me. I hope you enjoy your book.
I look forward to your visits. I love you very much

In my haste to give Remi her book I failed to get a picture of her with it so I asked Daddy to do that before he took her home. He did...after he bathed their hair is wet! Aren't they just the cutest things?!

You want to know the sweetest thing? When I showed Remi her book she hugged my neck and told me "thank you"! That was my undoing! How does a 3 yr old know how to appreciate something like that?! I was blown away! She has captured my heart just like my Lil' Peanut!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jingle Bell Inspiration

I'm back to enter another card in the ABC Christmas Challenge "Jingle Bells". 

For this card I used MME 12 days of Christmas "It's the Season" and card stock for the mat and card base. I neglected to see what the color names were of the card stock papers. The most difficult part of this card was the stamped image.This stamp is a Hero Arts I believe. I couldn't find anything on the stamp to identify who made it. I stamped with Memento Black Tuxedo ink. Some of the leaves I colored with my Copic Markers G94 and G99. The rest of the image I painted with Luminarte Twinkling H2O's by Creative Imaginations that I purchased from my LSS Cat's Creations Scrapbooks. The holly leaves I used Olive Vine. The red ribbon I used Poppy. The bells I used Egyptian Gold, Chestnut, Majestic and Kiwi. For the berries I used clear rhinestones from Queen & Co and colored them with my Copic Marker R29. I cut out the image with a circle cutter and matted it with the same green card stock I used for the card base. I popped the image with foam tape and added a bit of ribbon.

Thanks for looking!

Treasure In My Backyard

The treasure I'm referring to isn't real treasure and it's not really in my backyard. I'm referring to Lake Mineral Wells State Park that is about 6 miles from me. This is a great place to do all sorts of outdoor activities. My favorite being riding horses! The State Park has about 8 miles of equestrian trails! I absolutely LOVE IT! For people like me who don't own their own land or don't own much, the State Park is a nice change of pace. Even with the $5 entry fee (which is for all day) is well worth what you get! There is about 30 acres where I keep my horse that I ride very regularly but it gets old after a while riding the same place all the time. The State Park adds a lot of variety. I've even taken the dogs on occasion and walked the hiking/biking/equestrian trails. There is rock climbing, fishing, camping, paddle boats. There are even special events for kids teaching them about nature.

My rig with the horses. Yes, I know there are two horses and only one of me! I have a system when I don't have anyone to ride with me. I ride one and lead the other then switch. I am looking forward to when my Lil' Peanut is big enough to ride along unassisted! The big bay is my horse Clyde and the other horse belongs to the people who own the property where I keep my horse. At the end of the parking lot is the where the trail begins.

The State Park is just beautiful this time of year! Wildflowers are everywhere, its green and foliage covers the trails several places making for a nice canopy of shade. I took time out from my ride every so often to take pictures. I want to go back with my big camera. I was using my compact digital on the ride (less expensive to replace if it gets damaged!)
A picture of some of the trail. These yellow flowers are EVERYWHERE!

Isn't this a beauty?

Last week, my son-in-law came with me. He's enjoying the scenery. It was his first time to ride out here.

And Clyde is very pokey. He walks very slowly and wants to trot to catch up when all he would have to do is walk faster! Silly horse!

Here we are going through the low water crossing.

I just love these trails! I could stay out here for days....but alas....I must go home. Until next time...Happy Trails to you!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Father's Day Inspiration

Father's Day is a month a way but I know if I don't start now trying to make my cards they won't get done. I learned about Seems a Little Sketchy from a couple of friends' (Sandy and Allison) blogs I follow. After visiting the site I decided to be brave and jump in! I used Sketch 13 sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps to create this card.

I chose to make this card a 6x6 as I plan to hand deliver this card to my husband for Father's Day. I actually began with my stamped image and then created the card around the image. For the card base I used a solid card stock. The printed papers are Creative Imaginations Samantha Walker "Cowboy" line. The blue paisley is "Cowboy Borders" cut 4.25 x 5.5. The plaid paper is "Ride On" cut 4 x 5.25. 

The stamp came as part of a set I purchased off Ebay as a retired Stampin' Up set. I colored the horse with my Copic Markers E53, E55, E57 and I used E53, E55 for the ground. I used Copic Marker B21 for the sky. Using a 3 inch circle die I cut out the image. I wasn't pleased with my result. The image still needed something. I decided to break out my sewing tools I have from Bazzill and We R. Using a temple I poked holes on the outer edge of the image. Using twine I sewed around the circle. I liked this look much better! I applied foam tape to pop the image. 

 Looking in my stash of western embellishments I found this felt horse shoe. Using some brads I had for horse show nails and popped this image with foam tape. The sentiment is a stamp from Hero Arts. It reads "A Father is one of Life's Special Gifts". I chose to stamp part of the sentiment to place on the front and the remainder I stamped on the inside of the card. I used a punch to make the sentiment. I matted the sentiment with the same blue paisley paper and popped with foam tape. Using the same twine I sewed the stamped image with I wrapped the card twice and tied in small bow.

Thanks for taking time to look. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Enjoy the Season

Well, I had so much fun creating my card for the ABC Christmas Challenge that I was inspired to try to make one more before the challenge I is for Icy Inspiration is over. This time the photo I used for inspiration was the penguins and snow. I remembered I had some penguin stamps.

I found a pack of 6x6 textured papers from Bazzill Basics called Two Scoops that I had gotten from my LSS Cat's Creations Scrapbooks. I wanted to choose a bright paper and found this blue that I loved! I stamped the snowflakes with a retired stamp set from Unity called Little Jolly Winter using embossing ink and white embossing powder.  I stamped the snowy hills, applied glossy accents, added Diamond Dust and set aside to dry. I stamped the sentiment with embossing ink and used black embossing powder. I cut out the sentiment to look like a sign and inked with Distress Ink Vintage Photo. I cut a strip of paper to make the sign post and colored with my Copic Marker E79. I stamped the penguin and colored with my Copic Markers C1, Y17 and E79. I popped the penguin with some foam tape. The ribbon is from my stash. I don't know if I'll do this every time but we'll see! Hope you enjoy and thanks for taking time to look!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Merry Christmas in May?!

Yes, if you're a card maker and want to make your Christmas cards you need to start early. The earlier the better! I've had the urge to make Christmas cards for a few weeks but the demands of other crafting projects made me keep shoving the Christmas card idea to the back burner. I have been following a friends blog Sandy Trefger as she quite frequently makes cards and enters card challenges. I became intrigued and checked out some of them. One in particular caught my attention ABC Christmas Challenge. After quizzing my friend and her graciously giving me some how to's I decided to be brave and jump in. I chose this one as 1) I need to start making cards for Christmas 2) I have two weeks to complete a card 3) I can start right where they are in the challenge (they are on Letter "I") "I" is for Icy Inspiration

This card is rather simple but I really like how it turned out. The photo I used for inspiration was branch and snow. I remembered I had a stamp that looked very similar and although I wasn't really trying to duplicate the photo for inspiration I almost did!

I began with a card base using a solid color card stock. It was already cut and scored for use when I was making Christmas cards last year. I embossed a smooth white piece of card stock using a Cuttlebug embossing folder and put through my Big Shot. The embossing folder didn't have a name on it but the design is snowflakes. Once embossed I trimmed it to 4 x 5.  I had some all purpose ink (frost white) that I had purchased from Stampin Up that I covered the embossed paper with giving it a sheen. I stamped the branch, ornament and sentiment using Christmas Bough from Unity.

I used Memento "Cottage Ivy" to stamp the branches. I wasn't very pleased with the color so I went back over the image with my Copic Markers G94 and G99. To give it a more "icy" feel I used Distress Stickles Pine Needles. Unfortunately it doesn't show well in the photo. For the snow I used Distress Stickles Picket Fence. I stamped the sentiment in the box with Memento Lady Bug. I cut out the branch and popped it with foam tape. I stamped the ornament image with Memento Desert Sand and colored the ornament with my Copic Markers YR23, R24, and G03. I then applied Glossy Accents to give it an epoxy look. Once it dried I cut it out and popped it with foam tape as well. As a finishing touch I used some ribbon I had in my stash. Most of the products I use for crafting come from my LSS Cat's Creations Scrapbooks.

Thank you for taking time to look at my very first attempt at a card challenge! It's not too late for you to join in on the fun and create Christmas cards from A to Z, just click on this LINK and jump right in!