Friday, December 21, 2012


The day of Kennedy's birthday the weather was just beautiful. I decided to take full advantage of it by going to ride as I knew a cold front was forecast to come through the next day.
After riding Kaidence and I went exploring the property next to where I keep Clyde.
Nice view.
The landscape is very diverse. Love how the rocks jut out.
Kaidence and I began our decent. On my way down I turned around and saw the moon.
At the base of the rocks was a long flat bottom then we came upon some water. Evidence of how dry it is.
A cattail in full maturity.
Kaidence and I walked over to the big rock then found a way up that wasn't too terrible steep.
The sun is setting but we are close to being back to the barn.

The sky is so beautiful.
I thought it was cool how the sunset was reflected in my windows.

There is talk among meteorologists that we could possible get winter weather Christmas Day. These things are very hard to predict in timing and the track they will take. For now it is looking like we could but I will be watching this closely. The little child in me wants to see the white stuff for Christmas! I am chopping at the bit to play in the snow with Kennedy! I also know it means travel problems for those having to commute to be with family. Only time will tell how this will play out. I will be watching that's for sure!

Have a good one!