Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Passing Down the Passion

I have loved horses as long as I can remember and based on what my mother has told me I have loved them before I was old enough to remember. She tells a story of when I was 18 months old and was riding a spring horse they had got me. I rode it until I feel asleep on it! I ate, lived and breathed horses. I can remember when I was riding in a car that I would look at the window scanning the landscape for horses in the pastures. When there weren't any I would pretend that I was riding a horse alongside the car. Once I began to read I read anything that had to do with horses. Here is a layout I did about my love of horses.

Now, I'm not sure that Kennedy was born with the passion I was but I am giving her plenty of exposure to see if it becomes her passion!

She had her first ride in April this year.

She looks so tiny up there! Course, Clyde is a pretty big horse. He stands 15H and weighs about 1200 lbs!

She seemed to really enjoy herself.

I was one proud grandmother!

Sunday afternoon we had the kids over for lunch. Doyle cooked on the grill. It was wonderful. The kids got ready to go home and Kennedy wanted to stay. Of course I said yes! I had brought the trailer to town for Doyle to adjust to my new truck. Since my new truck is 4wheel drive it sets higher so he needed to adjust the height of the goose-neck so the trailer didn't travel "up hill". I decided to take it back to where I keep my horse and asked Kennedy if she wanted to go. She always wants to go with me! I get out there and get the trailer parked and Kennedy says "I want to ride". I was a little surprised but more than willing to fulfill her desire! It was overcast Sunday afternoon and was extremely pleasant staying in the upper 80's. That is unheard of for Texas especially in July!

I figured I would halter Clyde to saddle him and ride with her as I had done before. She went with me to catch him. I asked her if she wanted to ride him back to the barn. She said "yes". So I put her on him bareback.

 Doesn't she look so pleased!

 Look at her riding with "one hand"! Such a natural! I was amazed at how well she did.

We even went up and down the tank (pond) banks. Here she's giving him a hug.

She wanted to "lead" him so I let her. He's about to take advantage of the slack in the rope and get some grass.

She wanted to touch his soft nose.

A priceless day for this grandmother!

Have a good one!


  1. I bet Kennedy was born with the same passion. She looks so cute riding your horse and I love your layout pages too and your story about you and horses. I wonder if I've always had a passion for cats. I think maybe so, I've had one or more for as long as I can remember! :)

  2. Love the layout but love the story about Kennedy and passing on your passion for horses even more!