Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy tonight as I write this. I had hoped to blog about something more cheery like my nieces graduation but this is utmost on my mind. Our beloved Great Dane, Mercy breathed her last breath today about noon. She was 11yrs old. We had noticed a few weeks ago muscle weakness in her hindquarters. She quit jumping on our bed which was her most favorite place to rest. She was Doyle's "nap buddy".

I knew something wasn't right when I went to bed last night and wasn't sure if she would be alive when we woke up. She did make it through the night but it was obvious that today would be our last day with her. Doyle was with her when she died. Unfortunately (maybe it was fortunately) I was at work but knowing the end was near had said my "goodbyes" before leaving.

Mercy was a rescue dog that showed up in our driveway. She had a collar on with no tags and was skinny. We did some asking around who she belonged to. Come to find out the family she belonged to had given her to a family that lived up the street from us. We tried to take her back to them but they denied knowing anything about the dog so....we kept her! That was in 2003. She was two years old.

She started out as "everyone's" dog but over time it became apparent that she loved Doyle the most...and he loved her!

This was her favorite thing to do...lay around. She was a couch potato but as soon as she heard the leashes jingle she baled off the couch! She was always ready to go!

Here she is on one of our adventures. She loved to roll in the grass.

Here she is among our great State's flower - the Texas Bluebonnet. This is one of my favorite places to take the dogs.

Here's Lil' Peanut with her on one of our shorter adventures. It will be hard to explain to her why Mercy isn't here anymore :(

Thank you, Mercy, for bringing so much joy to our lives. You were a great companion.


  1. This made me tear up. Our pets are so special to us and I'm so glad that Mercy showed up at your door and that you welcomed her and made her a part of your family for all these years. Your tribute to her and photos are wonderful. I'm so sorry for your loss of a precious pet and family member. {hugs}

  2. A lovely tribute to a much loved pet. It is so hard when you loose them isn't it, but I'm sure you have so many happy memories & gave her a loving & safe home. Rest in peace Mercy, Jx

  3. They do leave paw prints on your heart. So sorry for your loss.