Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Faithful is Being Replaced with a New Ride

Oh my goodness! What a surprise I got today! Hubby got up earlier than usual. I thought that odd. Even more odd was I realized he had left and not even said good-bye or where he was going! I thought perhaps he had decided to participate in the early voting taking place and wouldn't be gone long. I went on to work. When I returned home he was still gone! "Now that's really odd," I thought. I text him and got no response. I text my daughter thinking perhaps he said something to her. She says no I should try to call. I do. It goes straight to voice mail which I leave one. Now I'm really puzzled. Where is he?! He never goes anywhere and when he does he's not gone long. I go through a few possible scenarios as to the reason for him being MIA and decide to not worry. He's a big boy right?

I changed clothes, grabbed something to eat on the go and get out to the horses. I wanted to get my ride in before I was to keep Kennedy. I get done, go pickup Kennedy and realize I forgot to do the church's banking and put letters in the mail. No big deal right? I can go through the drive through for banking and pass a mailbox to drop off letters. I get to the bank and of course its Friday on a holiday weekend. Need I say more? When it gets to be my turn I pull up only to remember that the electronics for the window on the drivers side of my truck quit working two days ago. How convenient! Obviously my memory isn't working very well as I drive around the bank through their parking lot to the mail drop off and try again to "open my window". UGH!!! I gave up and went home! There's always tomorrow right? At least that is what I thought.

I love my old truck. We ordered it new in 1998. A Dodge Ram 2500, 5 speed, club cab, short wheel base, 2-wheel drive, candy apple red. Its been a great truck but things are starting to not the window....and the electric locks on the passenger side quit a long time ago. Sometimes the electronics on the drivers seat work and sometimes not. Sometimes the fan on the A/C works and sometimes it doesn't but I still love to drive it. It's the first vehicle I have ever owned that I've not grown tired of. I told my husband I was going to drive it until the wheels feel off...and I had decided they just might!

Kennedy and I get to the house and Doyle is STILL not home. WHERE IS HE???!!! I'm thinking loudly in my head and mumble under my breath. Kennedy starts asking "Where's Granddad?" I tell her "I don't know!" I had overheard him talking to a buddy of his the other day. Maybe...just maybe he went to play golf. So I decided again to "not worry" and if I don't here from him or see him by 5 then I'll decide a plan of action. About 3:30 or 4 I hear him come in the house. Kennedy runs to meet him. I hear him say "go tell Savtah to come see what I got.

When I come in the living room he hands me a key. Outside is this!
He bought me another truck! 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 automatic with 4 wheel drive! I was in shock! To top that all off he drove to Austin to get it! This man never ceases to amaze me! I will have to have a goose-neck hitch installed and I need a tool box. Talk about surprised! Don't worry. Old Faithful will stay in the family. Doyle has been wanting to get back in a truck again. He traded his SUV for this truck and is going to drive Old Red. I'm really kind of glad. Me and that truck have a history.


  1. Oh! What a Fabulous surprise.....

  2. What a great husband you've got! Glad to hear Old Faithful/Old Red will stay in the family. :-)

  3. Wow! What a surprise! He obviously knew exactly what you would like! :) How funny he must have turned off his phone cause if you asked where he was he probably wouldn't have been able to lie. Enjoy the new wheels! My van is a 2001. Lucky for me Eddie keeps those little annoying things working pretty good. Over the weekend the switch to the rear air stuck. Luckily it stuck to off.

  4. I like this story, and the happy ending. I have a '94 Ford 1 ton dually that I plan to have for-pretty-much-ever. You left a nice comment on my WOYWW, and then I see you talking about your horse. So we have 2 loves in common; paper and horses. Charlotte #165.