Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My First Official Baby Purchase

I bought my first items for "Peanut". Vanessa had told me about a website she found with cute baby t-shrits and onesies called http://www.cafepress.com/ . So I checked it out. There are TONS of different sayings and graphics you can choose from. I found a couple I couldn't resist getting. The first one is pretty obvious. This is a little body suit.

I had to get this. It cracked me up! As you can tell it's a bib. Vanessa loved them both. I'm sure these won't be the only ones but they are the "first". It felt pretty good to get them too.
I've also been pondering what I want to be called. I don't want to be "grandma", "granny", Meemaw, nanny. I realize there are just so many names one can be called. My pastor's wife uses "grammie". I've been thinking about maybe "Granna" or "Gma". Vanessa had been calling Mom that but she will be a "great grand" now so was thinking that she could go by "GiGi" and I could go by Gma. I kind of like "Granna" though. I know whatever lil Peanut calls me will melt my heart and it won't matter. Besides I still have plenty of time to either think of or settle on something.

Speaking of "Lil Peanut", he/she is growing as is evidenced by Vanessa's little "pooch". She's at 14 weeks. She would let me get a pic of her face because she didn't have any makeup on. Give her a little more time and she won't care!

Doyle is steadily working in the two-car garage. I finally thought about getting pics so we could have "befores" and "afters". I wished I had thought to do this before he actually started as he's done quite a bit already. The front of the garage. Our house is to the right. Doyle put in attic ventalation recently. Side view from the house.

The door in the side is where the old "dark room" that was Doyle's brother Doren's when he lived at home. So there is already running water and electricity.
This is looking from the front rollup door (left side) toward the back. At the back of the garage where you see the window was a small area that Doyle's oldest brother, Dan used when he lived at home as a radio room. The family called it the "radio shack". That was back in the hay day of CB radios. Doyle had already torn out those walls before I took pics. See the sink in the foreground left. That was in the dark room.

This is what is left of the dark room. Doyle has already taken down the wall and insulation that separated it from the garage. Stuff we still have to move. Doyle has done a great job of going through, getting rid of and reorganizing stuff. (what else does he have to do?!)

The wall to the left of this photo came down last night. He has plenty of time but the heat has been so oppressive and dangerous that he's not been able to put a lot of time in. He's been trying to work more at night but it's still 90 degrees at 11PM! The coolest it gets is 80 before it starts going back up! There is good news on the horizon. The weather forecast tonight said there is a front on the way that will drop temps back to the upper 90's and give us a chance of rain by the weekend. Hallelujah! Please Lord let it be so!

In the midst of working last night Doyle saw this moth and called me to come look. Very beautiful and pretty good size. I looked on the internet to see if I could identify it. I think it's an Azalea Sphinx. I manage to get really close to it and it wasn't the least bit intimidated.

Then today when I got home Doyle told me about this insect. He is digging a tunnel in my flower bed. It's called a Cicada Killer. They can sting but aren't typically aggressive toward humans. They sting their prey (Cicada) and take them into their burrow. This one wasn't bothered by my presence either.

Have a good one!

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  1. What cute little baby things! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog this week!