Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th Weekend Excitement

I guess that title is a bit deceiving as for the most part the holiday weekend was uneventful. Vanessa went to Possum Kingdom Lake to be with friends on the 4th. She wasn't able to take Kajen so she asked if I would "dog sit". It was too hot to walk them anywhere so I played with them in the backyard. None of my dogs want to play with "baby Huey"(my nickname for him). He's like the obnoxious little brother except he's not little! So in order to "sort of play" he will chase Kaidence while she is trying to catch the frisbee! He won't chase the frisbee, he just chases her. And he won't follow her all the way. He lunges at her and barks at her to try to evoke a response (which usually works because she gets annoyed!). Then he'll run around in circles and jump in the wadding pool splashing water everywhere, gets out and starts the cycle all over again. I was hot enough and tired of the game that I decided it was time to go in. I toweled Kajen off first. Bad idea. While I was trying to towel off Kaidence who had also been in the pool, Kajen jumped back into the pool! UGH! I sent everyone else into the house and then got another towel to dry him off AGAIN! In the house he's like a kid with ADHD! I finally had enough and got out the fly swatter! Just getting it out and showing it to him was like an injection of Ritalin! I find that so funny as all my dogs react that way too and I've never beaten them with the fly swatter but they all know I mean business when I get it out!

In this picture L to R Kajen, Kaidence and Zorro through my front door. Mercy is holding down the couch!

Sunday afternoon I typically take a nap after lunch. I was going to lay on the sofa but both were full of dogs! I know....I should have made them move but I didn't. Instead I made myself comfortable in the recliner. I had just drifted off to sleep when I hear a noise. I don't know how to describe to you this noise. It's not a whine exactly and it's not a bark or growl. Kaidence was making this noise trying to get my attention. I couldn't figure out what she wanted. Then without any warning she jumped from the couch into the chair with me! She wiggled until she got comfy then got still. She fell asleep! Yes, we both napped in the chair. I will have to admit I'm not really asleep in this photo as I took it! but I know we did look like this at one point! I couldn't help but laugh to myself at how pathetic we both are!

Sunday evening we were at church. I had forgotten to silence my phone and got a text message. It was from Vanessa. She was at my friends where I keep my horse. The husband had been on the roof and fell about 18ft. It was pretty obvious he had broken his leg. Vanessa had called 911 for an ambulance. After church was over Doyle & I went to the hospital. After x-rays a surgeon was called. It was going to require surgery to fix. They admitted him for the night with surgery scheduled today. Evidently he had fallen feet first and his leg broke on impact. He's a pretty big man and falling that height didn't help.
He had surgery today at 2PM. After approximately a 9 inch plate, 11 screws and 45 staples, he's back together. He will not be able to bear any weight on it for 2 to 3 months. The dr said it was a bad break. We are praying that he will be a good patient. He's not one for following orders but we are believing for better than that for his sake. It could have been much worse so we are thankful.
Have a good one!

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