Saturday, June 27, 2009

Latest Project

My niece Destiny had a birthday on Thursday. I had been thinking about doing a little album for her of the softball pics I had taken of the last few games I watched. I couldn't make up my mind. Finally on Tuesday (no pressure) I decided I was going to do it. I purchased what I needed and got started. I worked feverishly on it and got it finished while at the store on Thursday. This is the photo standing on a table. If you look close you can see the word "Team". The album I used was a "Bo Bunny Word chipboard album".

This view is a bit easier to see the word "Team. I had so many pics that I cut three more pieces of chipboard and inserted those in between the letters.

I'll have to admit I was pretty pleased with my results!

Inside the front cover....pages 1&2. The very first picture is the back of a t-shirt worn by one of the parents with all the players numbers and names. Pretty cool huh?!

Pages 3&4. Destiny plays shortstop.

Pages 5&6

Pages 7&8

Pages 9&10

Pages 11&12

The back.

I was going to take it to her but she had a game the night of her birthday. A double header that started at 6PM. I worked at the store until 6. So I came up with another plan. I asked Mom if she would mind dropping it off on her way to work on Friday. She drives within 4 miles of their house. She said she would. I didn't hear anything and wondered if she even knew it was at the house so I sent her a text and asked if she got it. She replied and said "Yes and it's amazing! Thank you!" That's all I needed!I plan to do another very similar for her sister whose birthday is next month. Hope she likes hers too!

Have a good one!

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