Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Much Is Too Much!

I can't believe I have created yet another "web page". I must be out of my mind! I didn't even know what blogging was until 4 years ago. My first experience was with a site called Xanga.

My husband and I have a home group that we lead in our church. There was a young woman in our group (the same age as my daughter, now 23) who I wanted to try to get in closer relationship with. She told me about her "website". So in an effort to relate on her level I became a member of "Xanga"land. She has since gone to another website (myspace). I chose to stay at Xanga when I learned that I had family following my blogs. My mother was my promoter! I meet several people on Xanga young, old and everything in between. There were a couple of younger ones who didn't really like Xanga and left to go to Myspace. They urged me to join them. I thought, why not. If I can keep in touch with the younger generation then I will. So I created a "space" and learned that many from my church were on Myspace.

Then last year my husband and I took a vacation to Arizona. My cousin (on my dad's side of the family) and wife lived there so we made connections with them and had dinner. We learned that they were expecting! Not long after our vacation they moved to California. My cousin's wife created a blog here. I signed up just so I could comment her blogs but then didn't do a very good job of following her and never did anything with my "spot".

A few months ago I learned about another cousin (on my dad's side) who had a blog. Dad didn't know where it was. I thought he was on myspace which I found he did have but when we made contact he told me he didn't go there much that he was on Facebook. Yep, I created another place! When I signed up for Facebook I was amazed at the number of family members that were there! Mostly my dad's side of the family and his wife's family. I then learned that this cousin also has a spot here too! So I came back here to investigate what I needed to do to spruce my "Spot" up! My head is starting to swim with all these websites! Something has got to give! I don't have time to sit in front of a computer all day nor do I want to! But I do want to keep in better contact with people and this seems to be the mode in this day and time.

I do have more stuff to learn AGAIN! Every site I've been to does something a bit different so it takes me a little bit of time trying to familiarize myself.

So I don't know who I will quit....if any but I doubt very seriously if I will keep all four going! One or more are going to suffer my lack of attention. I've been with Xanga the longest and probably have the largest following (like I have a following!) but I will not make any rash decisions and will prayerfully consider what is the best.

Till next time....have a good one!